Goddess Gallery Readings Event!!!
Date, Time, Price:

11/7/20, 5pm-6:30 Zoom, 7pm-9, $35

Staring :

Tiffany Murphy, Crystal Duerson, and the lovely Queen Hannon! Blessing us in the opening with a Grounding Meditation! 

Evening outline:

Comes dressed in Goddess/God garb! Cozy in with us for a November Night of fun , charity to the wonderful Gathering Light House “Goddess Gallery Readings”! beginning with a grounding Meditation, and ending with awesome insights that will help you through this Autumn 🍂 harvest, all the way into this Winters wonderland! There will be 12 physical seats available(Go to www.thegatheringlighthouse.org to claim your seat). Zoom will be available also (Go to www.thegatheringlighthouse.org for Zoom info.)


Tiffany Murphy
•Medium(specializes in medical mediumship)
•Reiki Master 
•Reiki Teacher
•Light Language
•Hawaiian Healer 
•Massage therapist 
•Shamanic Journey Facilitator
•Angelic Communicator 
•Root/Sacral Chakra Specialists 

Crystal Duerson
•Soul card reader
•Heart Chakra Specialists 

Deeper Bios:

Crystal Duerson

Crystal Duerson is a Psychic Medium. She is a member of The Gathering Lighthouse for over 6 years. Crystal has done Psychic Readings at both branches of The Gathering Lighthouse, TheosoFest Mind Body Spirit Festival in Wheaton, and The Worldwide Metaphysical Event in Dixon, IL.  Her loving way with ppl using her mediumship also gained her great feedback from her clients.  She is able to connect with others on an intuitive and heart level. Crystal believes in what she does as a wonderful support for people to be able to move forward in their life.

Tiffany Murphy

Tiffany has been a Medium since first recognizing it at 8yr old, with her psychic abilities increasing every day! Her life has lead her on a beautiful winding spiritual journey. With Source, Universe, Goddesses &Gods, Archangels, Ancestors, Angels, the Fae world, Mother Earth, and the Ascended (Pharaoh Nefertiti)beening very loving & compassionate teachers you can’t mess it up!!! Throughout her life she has always wanted to help people, and has dedicated her Careers to it. Tiffany is a big believer in the law of oneness, and breezed through metaphysical classes, energy healing, and teaching trainings due to it. Her life’s mission no matter where it may lead her is to teach the true energetics of love, to help heal all karma, and bridge a path for those coming after her!!!Tiffany has done psychic readings, Mediumship, Healing Energy Work, and Massage therapy in tandem with the energy work for over 8yrs now at various places including Dr. Leona’s Healing Place, Crystal River Gifts, Salternatives, The Crystal Ranch Expo, The TheoFest Edge Yoga, The Journeys Path, Etc…and would love to assist you on your journey soon.